Swimming Club

How do I become a Volunteer?

Denbigh Dragons boasts many volunteers in numerous positions in order to run the club successfully for our Swimmers.  As members, you may not see the hard work going on behind the scenes, away from the pool, by both our volunteer committee members and volunteer coaches.

Our club is mainly run by volunteer parents who donate their time for the sake of all Swimmers.  We welcome Parents, Swimmers and anyone else eager to assist in the development of the club.  It is very rewarding!

More hands = Lighter work

There are many roles where assistance is needed.  Some examples are assisting poolside with the coaches during training sessions, fundraising & sponsorship activities, or helping out at galas we host, along with other summer/winter events.

In return for your volunteering, we will:

  • Fund any courses necessary to help you, if you wish to progress
  • Provide a mentor for any training from the current Team, where possible
  • Welcome and help settle you into the Team
  • Provide you with items of our club kit, if required
  • Fund your registration as a member of Swim Wales

A little reassurance for any potential volunteers, there is no pressure to commit countless hours or accept a role or title.  An hour here or there over a season is a great help.

If you are keen to help, it would be appreciated by both the current volunteer team and the swimmers, who will ultimately reap the benefits.

Permanent volunteers who are working with our swimmers will be required to complete a DBS clearance.  Come and join the Team for the benefit of your swimmer!  If you are interested, then please have a chat with any of the Committee or Coaching Team.